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About Us

The PT Forum was created as a dedicated community for Chrysler PT Cruiser owners and enthusiasts who want to share their passion for this one of a kind vehicle.

In recent years, access to a dedicated forum for Chrysler PT Cruisers has not only been

limitedbut has been virtually non existent.

The realm of automobile enthusiast forums is vast and now dominated by companies that seem to care more about their advertising revenue than their members experiences and privacy.


It's time to change that.

The PT Forum isn't a place where PT Cruisers and their owners get lost in the sea of endless advertisements and pop-ups to satisfy the corporate bottom line.

Nor is it a place where we get shoved off into the corner of one solitary thread

and get choked off by a bigger brand and all the newest models.

The PT Forum is "The" place for PT Cruiser owners and enthusiasts!

It's a rebirth of the PT Cruiser community.

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At The PT Forum, you can explore and participate in discussions on a multitude of topics on all things PT Cruiser related. Ask questions and discuss things like troubleshooting and repair issues, accessories, performance and more.

Join or create your own groups for even more specialized content.

Need a space online for your PT Cruiser Club? We've got you covered.

And there's plenty of room to share those awesome pics of your personal PT Cruisers!

After all, we know what makes these cars so special.

It's a PT Thing!

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Our promise to our members:

No annoying on-screen advertisements and pop-ups, no email advertising,

marketing or spam, no sharing or selling your info for our benefit;

Just PT Cruisers and those who love them.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Who owns is owned and operated by one simple guy doing business as "The PT Forum".


A guy with a passion for PT Cruisers and the determination to keep alive the community and camaraderie that is made possible by sharing the joy of these awesome little cars. 

Cruise On!


Join the forum and send us a private message.


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